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These braces are designed to reinforce the stock mounting brackets where the lower control arms mount to the frame.  These help reinforce and keep the brackets from bending or being ripped out under high torque situations such as trans brake launches.  When the car launches, the lower control arms are actually lifting the car by this bracket as the weight transfers.  A few people have reported that they have experienced the lower control arms going through the floor boards when launching! These are a weld in application between the frame and bracket, where the front of the lower control arm bolts in place. Made of .120 steel plate, these braces are a cheap insurance policy for preventing any future damage to your G-body's suspension. Sold in pairs for $35 + S&H. 
G-Body Lower Control Arm Brackets
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      Custom truck bodies to haul your vehicle!
These carriers are designed and constructed by Bodybag Fabrications with our NOWOBBLE DESIGNand is rated for loads up to 1200+ lbs. and can be custom made to fit any application! Whether you're transporting one single 4 wheeler, a single motocross or street bike, or two full size motocross or street bikes, we make the carrier that fits your needs! Additional options include receiver hitch to tow your boat, jet skis or trailer and mountain bike rack that holds up to 4 bikes. Your carrier will be made with only the highest qualityAMERICAN MADE STEEL! Don't be fooled by EBAY imitations!!  All welds are performed by state certified welders and all carriers come with our LIFETIME manufacture warranty and are built here in MICHIGAN!
      Custom carriers to haul your motorcycles!
      Custom speaker and sub boxes for ANY vehicle! 
      Custom roll cage installation for ANY vehicle! 
Single motorcycle carrier for motocross bikes starting at $159 + S&H.  Single street bike carrier starting at $259 + S&H.
                      Harley carrier $329 + S&H   Reciever and/or bike rack additions $79 each or $150 for both. Email us for quote on triple reciever dual bike hitch modifications.  
Email us with your sub box requirements.
Email us with your roll cage requirements.
Custom Blow Thru, Guage Cluster, Center Console and Intercooler Instalation/Fabrication
Suspension Modifications
Make your car Hook!!
                         Soundproof Your Vehicle
Keep unwanted road noise on the outside and enhance the sound of your vehicles stereo system!

                         Custom Golf Carts
                       Modify your golf cart to add that personalized touch!